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The purpose of individual therapy is to help the client gain self-awareness of their symptoms that have caused impairment in daily activities. The goal of individual therapy is to help the client create goals, expectations, hope, and aspirations by using person centered/client centered treatment approaches. Individual therapy is conducted by a qualified counselor, therapist, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist. 


The purpose of group therapy is to utilize the group process to find support in a social setting. The group process assists with alleviating interpersonal and social dysfunction, to develop communication and relationship skills, to develop a feeling of acceptance and validation with other group members, and to foster pro-treatment attitudes and behaviors. Additional goals include: development of group cohesiveness, reality testing within age-appropriate limits; interpersonal learning; role modeling; ability to trust; development of skills in communication; beginning ability to identify internal and external behaviors and developing insight into the interrelationships between internalized feelings and externalized behavior. Group therapy is conducted by a qualified counselor, therapist, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist. 


Implicit in the treatment philosophy is the importance of parental and family involvement in the total treatment program. A dysfunctional family system is usually a significant aspect to the total pathology of the identified patient. The family is involved in treatment, to the extent possible, to address the pertinent issues causing impairment/conflict in their family system. The goal in either case is to restore or maintain as functional and healthy a family system as possible to provide for the continued emotional growth and development and well-being of the identified client and other family members.


Family therapy is conducted by a qualified counselor, therapist, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist. It is the policy of Cornerstone Counseling Clinic that family therapy is necessary with each client and will occur no less than one to two times per quarter, or as frequent as the clinician, parent/guardian, or client requests.

The parent/guardian will receive and review each treatment plan of care for the client. The parent/guardian will sign to agree to participate in the plan of care which includes attending family therapy sessions. 



Pharmacotherapy can be initiated for the treatment of psychiatric/medical conditions upon the order of the client’s physician. The use of medication is judiciously individualized for any client


Clients are involved in specific therapy groups according to their individualized needs. These groups are facilitated by a qualified counselor, therapist, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist within their scope of practice.

Process group –Process groups are focused on appropriate expression of feelings, utilization of healthy coping skills, and facilitation of appropriate and adaptive social interactions. 

Psychoeducational group-  

  • Anger Management,

  • Life Skills 

  • Medication Teaching 

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Education

  • Assertive Skills 

  • Coping Skills 

  • Sex Education

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Problem Solving

  • Family Issues

  • Sexual Abuse, 

  • Other topics as indicated. 

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